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Serbia / Bulgaria

The starting point of this section lies on the Serbian-Bulgarian border near Knjaževac, where you cycle through peaceful countryside and impressive scenery towards Dimitrovgrad.

Passing the popular spa town of Kjustendil you head southward. From here it is only 27 kilometres as the crow flies to the tri-border point of Bulgaria, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.  To the west, the Osogovo Mountains rise to more than 2,000 metres.

  • 475
  • 100 m
    of the Kadin Bridge
    in Bulgaria
  • 2,169 m altitude
    of Midzor peak
    on the Bulgarian-Serbian border


  • Watchtower, Bulgaria/Serbia

    Near the village of Halovo in Serbia is still erected a reminder of the troubled past of the region. Like the many others which were located all along the Iron Curtain, this watchtower allowed the Bulgarian authorities to keep an eye on their Yugoslavian neighbours. As a “non-aligned” country, Yugoslavia was highly supervised, at least as much as the “western countries”.

  • Punjena Paprika, Croatia/Serbia

    The dish known as Punjena Paprika in Serbo-Croatian comprises of peppers stuffed with a mix of meat (generally beef but sometimes pork), uncooked rice and tomato sauce. Then, depending on where you are in the Balkans, the addition of green or red capsicums, eggs, onions, carrots, spices or tomatoes will make the local version of that dish which can be found all over Croatia and Serbia. Photo credit: Stijn Nieuwendijk

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