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The section of EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail on the Hungarian and Slovenian border is located almost entirely on the Slovenian side of the border. First crossing the border close to the Hungarian town of Kétvölgy, the route sticks closely to the national border making its way through quiet countryside dotted with small settlements such as Domanjševci, Prosenjakovci, Motvarjavci and Kobilje.

From Dobrovnik, the route joins the 442 road passing through vineyards on its way to Lendava – the most significant town on this section.  The centre of the Hungarian minority in Slovenia, Lendava is known for its castle, thermal spa and its dramatic new theatre.

After leading the Lendava, the Iron Curtain Trail continues through more vineyards in a south easterly direction hugging the national border before crossing back into Hungary just after the village of Pince.

  • 75
  • 13,500 attempts
    to cross the Iron Curtain
    from Hungary
  • Lendava was part
    of Hungary

    UNTIL 1919


  • Őrségi Nemzeti Park, Hungary

    In western Hungary, not far from the Austrian and Slovenian borders is the Őrség National Park - 44,000 acres of wonderful landscape covered by meadows and forests. After having admired the fauna and the flora of the park, especially the different bird species, including the black stork, the honey-buzzard, the corncrake and the crossbill, cyclists will have the opportunity to learn more about the local cultures and architecture thanks to the numerous “smoky-kitchen houses” and belfries. Photo credit: Janos Korom

  • Őrség, Hungary

    Őrség is a traditional rural region of Hungary, located at the border with Slovenia and Austria (Őrség means defense area in Hungarian). The beauties of the green hills and valleys of this area are only matched by the charm of the lively folk traditions. The rich flora and fauna of the region, the unique architecture as well as the typical local dishes and drinks make this rural region ideal for a stop. Photo credit: gregoriosz

  • Lendava, Slovenia

    Relaxing stay or cultural visit? In the city of Lendava cyclists can experience both. The Lendava thermal spa will be perfect for a stay after a long bike trip. This pleasant town also offers culture in the form of a theater and a concert hall. In addition Lendava castle, which was built during the 12th Century and now houses an art gallery and a museum. The distinctive L shape of the building refers to Leopold, the former Austrian Emperor. Photo credit: Pierre Bona

  • Lenti Thermal Bath, Hungary

    On the Hungarian-Slovenian border, if cyclists are looking for a rest period, Lenti (Hungary) with its famous Thermal Bath is the perfect place. For recreation activities, the thermal bath offers swimming pools, medicinal pools, leisure pools and pools for children both outdoors and indoors. To recover from long cycling effort, there is also a partially covered hydro-massage pool, as well as an 8-hectare green area, several saunas and the Saint George Energy Park located in a special energetic place, which is unique in Europe.

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