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Cycling EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Tail provides a good opportunity to learn about the history of Serbia during the Cold War.
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The Socialist Republic of Serbia, as part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, was, as its name suggests, a socialist state. Having not been liberated by the Soviet Red Army, the Yugoslavians chose themselves their political system and voted for the popular communist military leader, Josip Broz Tito.

Due to its special status of non-aligned state, caused by the Tito-Stalin split in 1948 and the rise of the non-aligned movement which dates back to the 1955 Bandung Conference, Yugoslavia was on the Western side of the Iron Curtain.  This did not mean; however, that the country itself was a member of the Western bloc. The Iron Curtain Trail follows therefore the border between the former Socialist Republic of Serbia and Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria which were also socialist states (albeit of a different type) at the same period.

The passage between the amazing Iron Gates is a particular highlight.

The route in Serbia shows to cyclists the diversity of the Serbian geography. While the roads along the Hungarian and Northern Romanian border are quite flat, the route then follows the border between Southern Romania and Bulgaria through several mountain massifs. The passage between the amazing Iron Gates is a particular highlight.  Despite the name, the Iron Gates have nothing to do with the Iron Curtain or the Cold War, and are instead a gorge thought which the mighty River Danube passes on the Romanian-Serbian border.  From there the route follows some mountainous routes close to the 2,016 m high Midžor peak, on the Bulgarian-Serbian border.  The numerous checkpoints along the Serbian borders remind the traveller that the Eastern bloc oversaw the border with Yugoslavia at least as closely as the Western countries.

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