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EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail represents a great way to discover one of the hottest destinations in European tourism.
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In 1944, the People's Republic of Macedonia became one of the six members of the Yugoslav Federation. The Socialist Republic of Macedonia (the official name between 1963 and 1991) as the most Southern part of the Yugoslav state had a strategic location since it shared borders with the isolated Albanian state, Greece (which was a NATO member) and Bulgaria (which was communist as well but a Soviet satellite). Paradoxically, the Iron Curtain followed only the Bulgarian-Macedonian border and as a result EuroVelo 13 follows the 150 km long Bulgarian-Macedonian border. 

Sturmica is home to the famous frescoes in St. Leontius Monastery.

The Iron Curtain Trail enters FYRO Macedonia at the Delchevo border crossing with the Republic of Bulgaria. The route continues between charming towns and villages and then runs through the natural beauty of the Malesh Mountains before entering Strumica which is home to the famous frescoes in St. Leontius Monastery.  Finally, before leaving FYRO Macedonia, which became peacefully independent in 1991, the trail passes through stunning natural areas next to the Belasica Mountains, which include some beautiful waterfalls.

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